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A Few Comments by Our Guests

Thank you for creating and sharing such a peaceful, healing oasis as Hudson Valley Cabin is and has been for us.  We have so enjoyed the old movies, the view from the porch and the hikes along the comforting mossy trails.  The wind chimes serenaded us to sleep each night and the geese flying overhead let us know it was morning.  We found in your cabin peace and calmness, dreams realized and dreams to come.  Thank you so much!  J & C

We will never forget this peaceful weekend at your cabin!  So much peace, love and warmth to be found out here in nature.  Thank you for your hospitality and shoveling us out so we can get back home!  This was our first but not the last!  N & D

From the moment we stepped out of the car it was true love.  And it just got better and better.  This was the perfect spot for R and I to get a romantic weekend alone - the first in 21 years!  We decided we will be back every year!  D & R

What can I say?  This place is God's church!  I felt a peacefulness in my soul that only comes from being this close to nature.  The cabin is wonderful and the grounds are spectacular.  I thought I would be looking for activities but I found it satisfying just to sit and visually take in the beautiful scenery.  L

Thank you for providing us with one of the best vacation retreats we could imagine!  What started as a complete surprise excursion ended with pure magic and harmony.  Your cabin is adorable, cozy, warm, and incredibly inviting.  Your attention to detail and attendance to every need is unparalleled.  It'll be so difficult to leave such a beautiful place!  I want to keep this place a secret, but I also want to exclaim from the mountain top how perfect a get-away it is.  We are leaving relaxed and restored and we shall carry the joy your cabin brought us for weeks to come.  We can't wait to come back.  S & J

Last year in this very journal J and I wrote how we hoped to return to the cabin again next year.  Well, here we are. This cabin will always be a part of our lives because last night we got engaged by the picnic bench.  This was the place I  realized last year I was going to fall in love with J.  I am so happy this is the place he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  G.

Our second trip to the cabin was even more beautiful and memorable than the first as we got engaged before the fire on our first night here.  We couldn't think of a more romantic, serene place to start our lives together.  B & M

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir